Sunstone 10" Wide Charcoal Tray with Removable Panel (Works with Ruby Series Grills, SUN13CPRO & SUNCHSZ30IR)

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304 Stainless Steel Charcoal Tray for BBQ Grills features Triple Layered Construction allowing you to burn Charcoal/Smoke & Wood Logs within this convertible burn tray. Place the CHARCOAL Tray below the cooking grates on any of our Sunstone & Ruby Gas grill Models and adaptable to other gas grills in the market. Convert your gas grill into a gas charcoal hybrid with superior versatility. Lift top panel up and fill the channels with Mesquite Charcoal and Wood Chips or Water for added flavorful smoking experience.  The sturdy material and three component construction ensures it will not warp in high heat usage. 

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