Sunstone 30" Gas-Hybrid 2 Main Burners w/IR-Burner Charcaol/Wood Burning Grill Proppane

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The Sunstone 30” Gas/Charcoal/Wood Hybrid offer you a complete grilling solution with integrated Dual Gas Combined 30,000 BTU Burners with Electronic Ignition System under the main Charcoal/Wood Drawer and coupled with the Charcoal & Wood Burning Drawer! Easily replenish Charcoal or Wood type while you continue grilling then remove whole drawer for easy clean-up, dumping ash waste away. Unlimited ways to grill, Smoke, Sear with multiple ways to customize the drawer systems, the height adjustable top tray can be loaded with your choice of whole wood pieces like mesquite, or oak – giving your food an added flavorful experience. Use one side for High Heat Sear Grilling, while the other side is Low Heat Indirect Cooking – and Re-Ignite the Charcoal/Wood in the Burn Trays as Needed or use the Gas Burners alone with Up To 500 degrees of heat from just the bottom burners, adding Charcoal or Wood increases this exponentially. Use the 15,000 BTU Infra-Red Burner as additional pass-over Searing, or Dual Height Rotisserie Function and use up to Two Rotisserie Rods Simultaneously. Swap in to the grill multiple inserts like Pizza Stone, Deep Fryer, Griddle, and Searing for over 800 degrees of heat at the grilling surface. All Construction Materials & Components are made with Solid 304 Stainless Steel – Engineered and Designed Exclusively in the USA, A Proud Texas Company where Exceptional Quality meets Exponential Grilling Performance.

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