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Appliance Trim Kit

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The 30 In. Sunstone combo Kama do hybrid power burner base cabinet provides a single cabinet you can use in multiple configurations. The cabinet comes with the main front trim-kit face plate; with this you can place a Kama do with access to lower ash tray with the bottom vented door panel. From here you have the option of several front panel mounts including a floating shelf giving you extra work area or a speed rail shelf for extra front-loaded storage. By removing the center top panel allows you to install our Sunstone power cirque burner, or additionally remove the bottom vent door panel to allow larger Kamado extra front bulge. For shorter height Kama do, insert the optional 2 In. riser platform which functions in conjunction with the main front panel installed. Always take advantage of the included measurement guide mat placing below Kamado, it allows for perfect centering and protection of the finish below.

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