Designer Series, Raised Style - 30" x 10" Height Single Drawer

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The Sunstone® Designer Series, Raised Style 30 In. Width by 10 In. Height Large Single Drawer provides the Single Biggest Storage Space for all your oversized grill tools, Towels, BBQ accessories and is Great for storing Kamado BBQ Accessories all in an enclosed weather sealed box. This Single Extra-Large Drawer is specially designed to be consistent with all other Designer Series components – which provide a true designer friendly appeal. The component is raised off the finish wall 1-1/2 In. so to work with most any island structure including Veneer Stone, Stucco and as extra 4 In. deep inside flange to work with all Masonry Stone types.  In Addition the frame is designed with an additional 1/16 In.frame around all four sides of component, plus adjustable Self-Leveling Legs in back. Which make all components multi-configurable Vertically & Horizontally, and are styled to match with Sunstone® Cabinet Island products, with both Cabinet Island and individual Designer Component combinations.

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