18" Vented Panel Door with Concealed Pressure Hinge

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The Sunstone Signature Series Beveled Style Vented Access Panel Door is your perfect solution for Outdoor Plumbing, Gas, Electrical, or Safety Access great for multiple installation types like Dry-Wall Board, Brick, or Veneer Stone.  In addition, this Vent Panel is great for accessing the Bottom Vent of a Ceramic Grill with its Concealed Pressure-Hinge providing great air-circulation and easy accessibility. Use this Vent Panel Door in Place of an Outdoor Kitchen Island Vent, providing superb air-flow or gas-ventilation while giving you clear access to the internal compartment. The Signature Series Doors create a Modern Industrial feel and feature a sleek light brushed #4 Finish with a squared frame and angled handle. All Signature Series are offered with same matching finish as grill, and other doors and drawers with polished handles. Doors fit flush against island exterior wall, so it’s perfect for multiple types of installation and with internal hinges, doors open 120 degrees insuring they do not ding against the finished stone wall and provide clean look.

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