6" Beveled Frame Single Drawer

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Sunstone Signature Series Beveled Style 8.5 Inch Height by 14 Inch Width Single Drawer Unit is uniquely versatile and works  with your Cleanup or Serving Zones acting as a Top Cutlery or Dry Towel Drawer, place One or Three in a Horizontal Row above any other larger Doors and or Component Below and make use of the often wasted space with some Needed Extra Storage.  Constructed with all 304 Stainless Steel Frame and Paneling and Drawer Boxes, with complimentary 201 Stainless Steel enclosed drawer box. The Drawer Track is “Soft-Closing” so it ensures a secure close each time, keeping the weather and rain out – and your interior items fresh and clean. The 6 Inch  Drawer Unit is designed to Blend perfectly with most other industry Brands, BBQ Grills and Components with its even toned Number 4 Horizontal Light Brushed Finishes and all Large Contemporary Squared Handles.

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