Support Policy

SUNSTONE® will cover the cost of a third-party service technician within the first 30 Days of the Purchase Date ONLY with our “Quality Assurance Guarantee” so long as the service required is confirmed by a SUNSTONE® Representative that the issue is from the actual Product. 

Our Checklist when confirming a product issue includes:

1. We need to receive email description of product issue. 
2. We require several images of the installed product pertaining to any problems we are diagnosing. 
3. We require a phone conversation with the end user customer about the issue in order to resolve the issue quicker. 
4. We will need to speak with a member of your staff while on-site with the product in order to perform technical test – determining the issue of product. (in some cases, this can be done with the customer depending on their ability) 
5. If any parts need replaced, we will always ship these to the residence to be available for when the technician arrives.

What we DO NOT cover under our 30 days “Quality Assurance Guarantee”

1. Installation of Product of any kind. 
2. Utility installation Gas or Water, we also do not offer advice on further installation requirements of utility Gas or Water lines beyond the scope of our product specification and product manuals. 
3. Product Assembly of any kind beyond what is presented in our product specifications, and product manuals. 
4. Product Adjustments, like Burner Air Venturi Bolts, Centering of Knobs and Knobs Rings, Adjustments or Centering of Valves, Rotisserie Rod and Motor Assembly, Fixing Handles, and any other general product tweaks which are included as part of the product installation and setup. 
5. Gas Pressure and Gas Volume issues – as these pertain to the Gas Line Installation, it is beyond the scope of the product. 
6. Grill Regulator Installation – we ship our Grills with a NG Regulator or LP Regulator for 25-pound portable tanks, if you are installing to a Hard-Line LP connection, you MUST have installed Medium Pressure LP Regulator, and we do not supply this part. 
7. Connection and Installation of Electrical Transformer which supplies power for LED lights and interior Halogen Lights. 
8. Cleaning of product surface Blemishes and or Superficial Rust Staining of any kind, we provide information guides how to clean any stains off the surface and recommend products to seal the surface against future issues. Additionally, we offer cleaning service, at customers expense can ship the product to us – we will clean it and ship it back, if we cannot clean it, we replace specific component or piece and pay shipping, this does not cover acid stains caused by many cleaners which damage the surface beyond repair. (Superficial Rust Stains can occur randomly for 304 Stainless Steel; if it happens it will most often occur within the first 30 days the material is exposed to the outside elements)

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