Product Warranties


We offer different types of warranty per each individual product, see the specific product warranty for exact details. For all warranty replacements we ask for a copy of the Purchase Receipt from the Company the item was purchased from. This is required to show date of purchase and to confirm the original purchaser. 

      • Our product warranties Do Not extend to second owners of product, only original purchaser. 
      • Product warranties are NOT renewed each time you replace any specific part of your product under warranty. 
      • Typically, we cover parts only; they do not include the cost of shipping or installation of any specific part. 
      • For all BBQ Grills we offer one (1) Year for small parts, like Lights, Igniters, Vales, Knobs, Wires, Rotisserie Motors, and Rod Assemblies. 
      • We offer Limited Lifetime Warranties for All Stainless-Steel Housing and Structures of other BBQ Components - this covers against Manufacture Defect Only. This ensures the customer is receiving a product which holds up to the test of time for as long as the customer own it; it does not cover the actual usage of the product, such as Burn through, Cracks and general Wear-And-Tear. 
      • All Gas Burners are covered with the same Limited Lifetime Warranty with an additional three (3) Year Guarantee with a one-time replacement, which covers Wear-And-Tear, Burn through, Cracks or any other damage from general usage.


We validate all Warranties by requiring all Products/Appliances/Grills are properly installed according to the installation instructions laid out in our product manuals. Customers are required to submit a copy of their Original Purchase Invoice they received from your company; always make sure you leave a copy of your purchase invoice with the customer showing an itemization of the Appliance/Grill/Component they purchased from you. The Customer also is required to submit Photos of the Grill’s Installation. We are checking if the island is properly ventilated, there are No Partition Walls built around BBQ Underside, and No Shelf built below the grill. We also check proper placement away from Combustible Materials and Gas Hookups, like Regulators, are installed. All Warranties may be VOID if the Product Installation Does not meet our Installation Guidelines which are included in the product packaging and available through our website for all SUNSTONE® products.


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