Account Executive Sign-up

As an independent Account Executive you will work to market Sunstone products to companies in the Contractor, Builder & Retail Store Markets in your local region. The Account Executive may also solicit to companies throughout North America, with no restrictions.

  • Create multiple channels through both Direct Sales and through the establishment of Wholesale accounts.
  • The Account Executive will be the Brand Ambassador building the brand throughout key markets. This new branding campaign will be done through multiple channels including Direct Sales, In Person Meetings, Marketing Groups, & Internet Social Media. 

Many small contractor or pool builders who typically just buy in short term limits, wholesale commissions are paid for the first Two Years from Start Date, then One Half the amount the Third consecutive year, and no further commissions will be paid on the account for proceeding years, unless specified account shows increased volume stimulated by reengagement.

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores which carry a Sunstone Product Display, and Account Executive is providing monthly trainings and support ongoing for the life of the account may be available for extended residual income.  If the account does not acquire 10,000 purchase volume for more than any single calendar year, Account Executive will relinquish the account back to Sunstone and lose any future commissions. Regular goals must be met with active activity metrics to measure increases to the account. 

Receive monthly residual  commissions for all Contractors, Builders, Designers, Brick & Mortar Retail Stores and Online Stores you personally establish as a Sunstone Dealer. Also receive excellent year end bonus for accrued volume. Complete summary of commissions and terms are provided when approved. 



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