14" x 20" Beveled Frame Vertical Door (Reversable)

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Sunstone Signature Series Beveled Style Vertical Access door  is 14 Inches Wide by 20 inches Height, with a Squared Modernistic Handle perfectly centered on one side, allows the door to be Flipped for either Left or Right Swing. The Door has Top & Bottom Magnets, so it closes securely no matter which way it is installed, and with integrated Pin Hinges which are hidden from view creating a very nice clean appearance to the exterior door. The Door Panel is Framed-Inwards in the back side for greater structural integrity. The Door is Great for all Veneer Stone, Masonry Stone Applications with its Deep interior Mounting Flange reaching inward 2-1/2 inches, along with the pre-drilled holes all around, it makes installation a breeze. In addition the Door specifically opens up to maximum of 120 degrees, enough for full access but will not bang against exterior wall of jagged stone edges, that could scratch or dent any other door. Constructed with all 304 Stainless Steel Frame and Door Panel with its even toned #4 Horizontal Light Brushed Finishes and all Large Polished Chrome.

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