Sunstone Designer Series Cabinets

Sunstone Designer Series Cabinets

Within Sunstone's cabinet options we offer a tremendously large assortment. But from time to time when you're trying to make some configuration out of our standard, check our Design Series Components.

The Island to the left is configured using both full height cabinets and in addition, our Designer Series Components - matching the two separate product types work seamlessly together. With the same matching handles, raised door structures, and seamless edges.

From the left to right we have our big 46-inch charcoal grill base cabinet, going to the electrical cabinet, and spice rack drawer. We place a single right side corner guard then continue with designer components, with the large 30-inch drawer top and multi-combo door drawer unit, next is the pantry cabinet and another 30-inch drawer above.

These four distinct cabinets work seamlessly together with self-leveling legs in the back and 1/16 inch beveled frame around all four sides allow individual units to be stacked vertically or configured horizontally all within a single cut-out of your island structure.

Check our selection of Design Components and Designer Cabinets when configuring your new outdoor kitchen.

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