Ruby Series by Sunstone

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Ruby Series by Sunstone

The Ruby gas grills are the newest grill line by Sunstone. The older Sunstone grills are being phased out allowing the Ruby to be the new top tier line of built-in gas grills. The Ruby comes in four sizes with multiple options.  The largest is the 42” Pro Sear 5 burner, then the 36" 4 Burner Pro Sear which is offered with IR or without and lastly the 30" Pro Sear with no IR for a rotisserie. While the different size models do feature varying features they all offer the consumer the same high-quality features with matching cooking zones. 

All grills will ship to you in the gas type you requested when ordered, no field conversions needed. Some of the new features on the Ruby are the lower-profile hood giving it a more contemporary sleek look. The rear of the hood has wind baffles to help block prevailing winds that cause dangerous damage to a grill. Additionally, this low profile hood ensures the heat up time to be far superior to other conventional grills with a larger hood, while not hampering the option of rotisserie with its Dual Height rotisserie function.

The sure-fire starter system does not require any electrical power and is the most reliable system that lasts. No more customer calls about the starter not working because they put the battery in backward.  The Ruby’s cooking grate system is unique due to the different zones, sear, standard bar, and close gap bars. Just like your own stovetop you do not change your burners based on the food you are preparing, you change the pot or pan. The Ruby grate system has a sear section that will get a lot hotter than the traditional stainless steel bars grates allowing searing of meats and veggies. Another section has a close-spaced stainless steel bar that allows smaller items like shrimp and veggies to be grilled without falling through the grates. The traditional section is stainless steel bar grates that give the desirable grill marks we want. In addition, each grill comes with the Pro-Sear grate which is perforated double-layered construction with heat chambers allow over 800 degrees of heat at the cooking surface without the need for faulty sear burners.  

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